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Jim Ebert is the Founder and President of Evergreen Learning Solutions. He brings over 30 years of corporate and field-based experience to every project. With a strong background in sales, learning and development, and leadership development, Jim has a passion for individual and team development that goes well beyond the classroom. Since on-the-job behavior change is the ultimate measurement of success, he believes in creating a partnership with the individual and/or team, along with their leader, to ensure that expectations are aligned and all are held accountable.    .

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  • Team Development
  • New Leader Assimilation
  • Mentoring
  • Solution Selling
  • ​Custom Training Programs


“Jim has a unique style that is probably the best I've experienced in my career.   He has the ability to drive engagement that is not common and is refreshing to see”


“Jim is the truest of professionals and made my orientation program a great week of inspiration for my new career”

Business Consulting


Evergreen Learning Solutions is your training and development partner for creating and delivering sustainable, behavior-changing learning programs. 

If you have a training initiative or require assistance in delivering programs, look no further. We can design, develop, and facilitate an interactive, engaging, and impactful experience

Choose from core programs or we'll design and develop a custom program to meet your business requirements.